In Praise of Baseball…and America

Let us pause during the madness of this presidential election season to praise the Chicago Cubs,  baseball and America.

Sure, I would have preferred to see my beloved Nats go all the way, achieving not just their third division title in five years but World Series rings.  But even though they split a series with the Cubs at home, they were swept in Chicago, and there was that 108-year World Series drought that afflicted the Cubbies.

I have not been so excited about a World Series, so motivated to watch the games, as I have been this year. So tired of the talking heads on cable news obsessed with the presidential horse race, the polls, the conjectures, the October surprise.

Well, guess what? The November surprise has been this remarkable series between two top teams, evenly matched, no blowout in sight.  Just when it looked as if the Indians would wrap it up, after leading the series 3-1, the Cubs came back to win it all.

I’ve heard some say it’s crazy that baseball is being played this late into the fall.  But I say we need a lot more of it.  Let the season stretch out into December, and certainly past election day. The baseball park was split 50-50 among Cubs and Indian fans, from what I heard, but everyone was united in their enthusiasm for the game, and the talent on the field.

Make America great again?  Forget again.  Watching this World Series, with its thrill-a-minute ups and downs and its nail-biting 10th inning conclusion, even if I were a Cleveland fan, I would not despair.  America already IS great.  And, as they say, wait until next year!


  1. Deborah on November 3, 2016 at 10:07 pm

    Thumbs up!

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