What we took for granted

The other day, in the fifth month of the coronavirus pandemic, we went out for a latte.

It was midday and time for a break from our self-imposed stay-at-home regimen now that our small corner of the world had begun to reopen—tentatively, cautiously, and not entirely free of stress.  In fact, there were six reported new cases yesterday in our suburban zip code.

But it felt so good to be out.

We have had a long, record-breaking stretch of 90-plus days. So, during these times, our outings have been largely limited to neighborhood walks after dinner when it cools down.

The other evening, we shared the street with a grazing deer, who seemed completely unfazed by human presence.  Of course, there were occasional other strollers, appropriately masked when passing by.

But the lunchtime field trip for lattes in a downtown Silver Spring shopping center was something special. Sitting and sipping outside under a shade umbrella, we felt almost as if we were on vacation. Nearby, bumble bees were pollinating, and cars were passing.

It felt very serene, and natural, but also unreal.  When will such outings again feel “normal” and, well, nothing to write about?

For now, they are just a reminder of the things we once took for granted.


  1. Chuck Kaufman on July 16, 2020 at 7:13 am

    Lovely word painting. What is remarkable, too, is how many folks in my neighborhood have added clusters of deck chairs to their front yards. They just sit in the evenings, chat and say hello to passersby.

    • Theresa Saxton on July 17, 2020 at 2:26 pm

      Minus the masks, that experience serves as a reminder for me and others my age who lived the slower pace of the “good old days” when one actually enjoyed and appreciated the simple things in life.

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