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Find Hope, Harmony, and Goodwill in “Hidden Maryland”

Couldn’t we all use a little Hope, Harmony, and Goodwill?

Lord knows, these are trying times. Times of war, global warming… and who knows what lurks in the future to challenge all of us? It’s easy to despair. But in Maryland, at least, one can find Hope, Harmony, and Goodwill.

These are more than just words. These are dots on the official state map, tiny crossroads communities that exist on the Eastern Shore in, respectively, Queen Anne’s, Caroline, and Worcester counties. But Hope, Harmony, and Goodwill are well off the beaten path. 


So begins the first chapter of Hidden Maryland: In Search of America in Miniature. This, my fourth book, was published a year ago, and I like to think that, unlike the rest us, it never grows old. Herein the reader finds a collection of some 50 columns, features and profiles I wrote for Maryland Life magazine, which published its last issue in the summer of 2013 but lives on in Hidden Maryland.  These timeless stories and columns won many awards from the International Regional Magazine Association, including its top Gold prize for Best Column.


Writing them all was a labor of love, in some ways a continuation of what I’d been doing for decades at The Washington Post, covering the state from end to end.  But this book was an unexpected bonus.  Since I owned the text and the images, why not update and reprise them?


From Chesapeake to Appalachia, the state’s remarkable diversity — America in Miniature — is on full display. It was a privilege to share these stories with the readers of the magazine and now with a wider audience, including and especially with you, dear reader.


John Kelly, once my editor on the Weekend section of The Washington Post and now a popular local columnist, says, “If Maryland is for crabs, then Gene Meyer is for Maryland…And after decades of spent plumbing every nook and cranny — from seashore to mountain — Gene reveals a simple truth: Maryland’s greatest natural resource is its people.”


Writes Dan Rodricks, Baltimore Sun columnist: “Back when Gene Meyer wrote for The Washington Post, I followed him closely. His stories from across Maryland popped with discovery and read-out loud prose. His superb story telling skills obviously continued into his Hidden Maryland days. In each tale, he makes his readers feel like fellow travelers.”


To mark its one-year anniversary, I cordially invite you to purchase Hidden Maryland, either online through Amazon, or directly from me. signed or inscribed to you. If you wish, send me a website message with your address and I will respond with mine and we will work out the details.. The Amazon “list price” is currently $33.59. If you wish to buy from me directly, the price is $30 — $25.50 plus $4.50 for postage.

Hidden Maryland is also available on Amazon as an e-book and audiobook.

So, hit the road, and/or travel with me through Hidden Maryland!



  1. Tony Hausner on September 28, 2023 at 4:40 pm

    Would like to order Hidden Maryland

    • Tony Hausner on September 29, 2023 at 1:18 pm

      203 BrewsterAve, Silver Spring, MD 20901;

      • Gene Meyer on September 29, 2023 at 2:05 pm

        Thank you! Please mail a check for $30 to me at 9342 Harvey Road, Silver Spring, Md. 20910. Would you like it signed or inscribed?

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